Small family farm near Lincoln, NE grows beef, pork, and poultry in small numbers with kindness for happy healthy animals that provide nourishing food for local families.

Kyle and Mindy love sharing their landlocked paradise and invite you to join the Little Red Farm community with nourishing food for your table, Young Living Products for your lifestyle, and decor that brings the mood of the farm to your home.

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Little Red Farm birds are all Free Range and have full freedom to cross the road... or not. All of our poultry is free of vaccinations, medications and antibiotics. We find that a little oregano oil, apple cider vinegar and probiotics go a long way to keep our animals healthy and happy.

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Our all natural cattle are raised without vaccinations, medications, or hormone boosters on natural, local feed, with chin rubs and love.

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Our naturally raised pigs get year round access to the outdoors and a dirt floor area in the barn. They are truly pampered and one of our most entertaining livestock animals to hang out with when they're not napping.

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We believe that wellness is holistic and as farmers, we trust the farming standards at young living to provide us with the physical, mental, and emotional support we need for the natural lifestyle we choose.

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Meet Rosie, our dairy cow. She's sweet and sassy and even now that she's all grown up, she can still nap anywhere. items featuring our farm photography will bring the peaceful mood of the farm home to you.

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The Little Red Farm

577 S 4TH Road
Palmyra, NE 68418
Monday, 10am - Noon
Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday, 10am - Noon
Thursday, 5pm - 7pm
Friday, Closed
Saturday, 10am -Noon
Sunday, Closed

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